About Us

About Us

The Prime Cake and Pastries is an Indian-style pastry kitchen established in 2016 to bring the bona fine taste of Indian home heating to Nagpur. We opened opened its first branch near Chatrapati Square in 2016 and has since propelled a further 2 branches crosswise over Nagpur.

Pramod Thaware, the cake Shop Owner , built up The ‘Prime Cake and Pastries’  idea in light of what he saw as an absence of any spots in Nagpur to appreciate the essence of genuinely credible Indian-style preparing.

His vision for the cake shop and love of Indian preparing happened to be something that numerous inside Nagpur came to share. Today the cake and pastry kitchen has turned into an exceedingly celebrated and famous brand.

One of the key factors in The ‘Prime Cake and pastries’  prosperity has been its ethos that cakes taste best when they’ve been naturally heated utilizing the very same fixings and methods as those utilized in home preparing.

This empowers the cake shop to heat to arrange and to just serve its clients cakes that have been naturally prepared the plain same day and same time.